Works of Art

You can see other completed pieces and works-in-progress on my Instagram account @MPPC


5 thoughts on “Works of Art

  1. Denise

    Hey Stephanie!

    I LOVE your artwork!! And the published pictures look absolutely fantastic! All very professionally done.

    A funny thing happened as I was viewing the works; I realized I was smiling! They are amazing, complex, captivating, and beautiful!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Sophie

    Lovely to see your works in real earlier today! I love the depth of the different layers and also the choice of themes! Your paintings resonate with human kind. Hope to see an exhibition in Berlin very soon!


  3. christian jaletzke

    Hi Stephanie, we met at “Stiller Raum”. Your work is wonderful. Joy 5 is extremely good.
    All the best and till soon, cheers christian


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